Monday, October 15, 2012

Grilled Duck

Grilling duck, while delicious, is not a casual matter.  One must consider what happens to all that fat that will drip out and most importantly that it does not drip onto the coals which will simply ignite it and incinerate your duck.  So there's two steps which will assure a good grilled duck.  It might be easier to split the duck in half lengthwise then place it cut side down in a deep casserole and bake it at 375 degree F in your oven until you have at least 3/4 cup of fat.  Build the charcoal fire in your grill's firebox to one side and place an aluminum drip pan on the other side.  Take the roasting duck from the oven and place the duck over the drip pan in the grill, use the cover, and grill until the duck has a deep smoky mahogany color.

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